Keeping everyone connected and safe. Itís what networking and security professionals do. They wire offices for high speed broadband, install and maintain firewalls, establish and wipe user accounts on PCs, and build out custom designed networks. Theyíll even show you some cool Easter eggs in Windows, if you ask them nicely.

In the Networking & Security program at MCC youíll learn what you need to perform specific tasks that meet industry-recognized standards. Some of these tasks include skills associated with network administration and security, computer networks and data communications, and information and data security. Network professionals seeking certification in CISCO, Linux, or Microsoft Windows can find it at our program.

The Networking & Security program includes the following areas:

Networking System Administration
Information Technology: CISCO Networking
Linux Networking Administration
Network Administration: CISCO Network Associate (CCNA)
Network Administration: CISCO Network Professional (CCNP)
Network Administration: Linux Associate
Network Administration: Linux Professional
Network Administration: Microsoft Windows
Linux Networking Administration
Microsoft Desktop Support Technology
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